Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Marcus Lovett Jr.

Marcus Lovett Jr. is a great prospect with young talent. He has a great ability to finish at the rim and he is good in the open court even though he is a small guard. One of the reasons he is so good in the open court although he is small is his explosiveness is great. Lovett, has a good jump shot and is a good passer. The only thing people worry about is his flashiness and his ego. On the court his ego is flashy and very good but he is very respectful and a great person off the court. He is a great leader and it is exciting to watch the great ball player play basketball.
Lovett Jr. is about 5'11" for height which is small for any basketball player. Yet again he is only a sophomore so he has plenty of room and time to grow. He is 160 pounds at 5'11" which seems very light but he is pretty well balanced weight wise. He is in my opinion going to be a great player and will most likely make it into the NBA if he keeps his work hard attitude and makes sure to not get into drugs and such.

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