Friday, February 15, 2013

Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison is a combo guard from Texas. He is a senior in high school this year, and is ranked number 2 on the ESPNU top 100. He has great size standing at 6'5" and is very athletic. He has a twin brother named Aaron. They have been on the same team together since they were young. Andrews wingspan is 6'8", and he has a great frame weighing in at 215 pounds.
He is a great ball handler and great finisher. He is also a good passer and a excellent shooter. He can shoot from beyond range with impressive fashion. The things he lacks is a good attitude, defensive effort at times, he gets tunnel vision, and he can be very streaky. Andrew Harrison is going to Kentucky next year to play basketball for one of the best programs in collegiate sports. He is arguably the best guard in high school. Andrew Harrison is a prospect to look out for.

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